Dr. Steinmaszl Management Consultancy is the leading consultancy firm in Chiemgau. Our service is not limited to analysing and advising, but extends to an active support for our customer in the implementation of all measures.

National Activities

We provide consulting services to "small to medium-sized companies" and "start-ups". Our consulting spectrum extends through all phases of business.
We help entrepreneurs create business plans, support established companies to consolidate their position and help companies in exceptional circumstances. In the area Services you will find a detailed overview of our consultancy spectrum.

International Involvement

In addition, Dr. Steinmaszl Management Consultancy is active internationally in emerging markets. It has representatives in Kiev and St. Petersburg. The regional focus lies primarily on Eastern Europe and Asia. We advise companies from German-speaking countries, who see globalisation as an opportunity, not as a threat. At the same time we support our customers in an effort to exploit cost saving potential through international procurement, relocating production abroad to increase competitiveness, or as a first step, exporting to Eastern Europe or Asia.

We also provide consultancy services to foreign companies and investors in all sectors related to the German market. Under Foreign Visitors you will find more information about our range of consulting.